How to Use EZ Texture Pro

Getting Started – How Texture Tool Works


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Using the EZ Texture Pro drywall texture tool: a step by step process

  1. Remove the popcorn texture from ceilings if applicable.
  2. Make any necessary drywall repairs.
  3. Texture the walls and ceilings with the EZ Texture Pro drywall texturing tool, making sure to knock down the texture as you go. This is done by lightly dragging the Lexan blade over the texture. Be sure the joint compound does not get too dry before knocking it down (approximately 10 minutes. Times will vary depending on conditions.)
  4. After you are done texturing and the joint compound is dry (probably the following day), use a damp sponge to wipe down the walls to smooth out any rough spots.
  5. Prime the walls and ceiling, then paint after the primer dries.