Meet Greg Henady and Gary Grennell, inventors and owners of the EZ Texture Pro drywall texture tool.

Both Greg and Gary have worked in the building industry for over 35 years.  Greg was a carpenter, and is experienced in all phases of construction.  He worked with both new construction and remodeling contractors.  Gary has a background in both home construction and as a licensed realtor.  The two started a business venture together in 2004, purchasing and remodeling older homes and reselling them.

During the course of remodeling older homes, one problem seemed to crop up over and over.  When replacing damaged drywall, it was difficult to match the existing wall texture.  The conventional solution to this problem is to hire a professional drywall company to come and spray texture on the walls to match the existing texture the best they could.  This is a workable method, but is expensive, time consuming, messy, and labor intensive.

Deciding they needed a better alternative, Gary and Greg began to experiment with different ways to manually apply drywall mud that would create a texture to drywall that would work in any application.  Experimenting with different materials and sizes and shapes of tools, the patented EZ Texture Pro drywall texture tool was developed.

Gary and Greg’s mission at EZ Texture Pro is to provide homeowners and contractors with a quality product at an affordable price.

Happy texturing!

– Gary and Greg