Welcome To EZ Texture Pro

Ten Reasons to use the EZ Texture Pro drywall texturing tool:

  1. Learn how to apply texture in a matter of minutes. The EZ Texture Pro tool is so easy to use, you’ll be texturing like a pro in no time.
  2. No pre-mixing of texture required. Unlike other texture methods which require you to add water to a texture mix or drywall compound, with EZ Texture Pro you simply open a bucket of drywall compound and you’re ready to begin.
  3. Little preparation required. No need to tape off trim, windows, etc. Cover your floors and cover or remove your furniture and you’re ready to begin.
  4. Update your home. Be the first on the block to have the new, unique look of the EZ Texture Pro finish.
  5. Easy to fit into your time schedule. Whether you have two hours or two days, you can stop when you need to and still retain consistency of texture. And you don’t have to worry about returning rental tools on time.
  6. Inexpensive. The EZ Texture Pro drywall texturing tool is more cost effective than any other method of texturing.
  7. Don’t need a lot of tools. All you need is the EZ Texture Pro tool, a bucket of drywall compound, and a Lexan blade, and you’re ready to begin.
  8. In many cases, you can re-texture with the EZ Texture Pro right over the old texture. No need for tedious scraping.
  9. The application of the texture remains uniform throughout a room or house. It is so easy to learn to use the EZ Texture Pro that it is simple to keep the texture as thick or thin as you like, and keep it consistent on every wall or ceiling.
  10. Faux painters love the depth and dimension of the finish from the EZ Texture Pro.

Imagine completely updating and renovating any room in your home inexpensively in just one weekend. Texturing (or re-texturing) and painting your walls is an easy way to make a dramatic difference in a room.  Most texturing methods require a professional in order to look good. Even though it’s possible for an average homeowner to learn the procedure, it takes much practice and trial and error before the results are acceptable. However, nearly anyone can learn to use to the EZ Texture Pro drywall texture tool quickly and be texturing like a professional in no time. In addition, the cost effectiveness of EZ Texture Pro makes it the perfect choice for homeowners or professionals for any home improvement project.The EZ Texture Pro drywall texture tool gives a unique finish to ceilings and walls without the mess of traditional methods of spray texturing.